Technical translations

We are specialized in translating technical texts from French, English and German sources into Dutch. In our domain are information technology, hard- and software, electronics, physics, architecture, processing materials, transportation technology and so on. For a change we also like to translate literary texts. With pleasure and free of obligations we make a short test translation to convice you. We are registered with the chamber of commerce and posses all the legal documents to do bussines. On demand we send you all details. Send your request to:

About us

André and Albert have both passed the age of fifty a couple of years ago. We grew up being backpackers becoming world cityzens. André was born in France and went to school in Holland, Albert was born in Holland and moved to Germany in his late twenties and thirties. Both worked in international corporations speaking English on the work floor, Albert in information tech and André as prototyper and handling the French customers. Albert translated a lot of the work of the German author Rainer zur Linde, was author of series of articles on Williamson tube amplifiers, wrote and translated manuals in many languages for his employer "de Architekten Cie", André wrote short stories taking place in otherworldly realms, and handled technical and commercial multilingual communication in the signs and electronicsindustry throughout his professional life. Both share love for music, literature and inventing


We support all current file types for pc and work with Wordfast